Napoleon Hill: Definiteness of Purpose


In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill states that You need to know where you are headed before you start walking.

You need to know your Definite Purpose (DP).


By Thinking and defining, your DP you to live how you want to live.


People are taught from childhood that they need a “secure” job/paycheck to provide for their family so that they can retire.


There is nothing wrong with a 9 to 5 job if it’s your true purpose.


Define Your Definite Purpose (DP)?

Your DP is your ultimate vision pf how you want to live your life.


It could be vacationing several months in a year, having a four day weekend or planting a tree in the center of the Pacific Ocean, your Definite Purpose is yours to define, and that’s exactly what you need to be working on achieve. 


Your DP will make living your obsession easier by setting goals and achieving them.


Goals are milestones to the life you desire.


A defined DP will help you achieve freedom, fulfillment and enthusiasm.



Ask these questions in order to define your Definite Purpose:



You have your goals.

You must know Why you want to start your business?

Why do you want to earn this specific amount of money?

Why do you want to work this specific time to earn this specific amount of money?


Now your needs will define your objectives.

Your DP is the groundwork for your success and fulfillment in life.





  • Why are you here?
  • What is the greatest purpose of your life?
  • What are the most important things to accomplish in your life?
  • What fulfills you above all else?

Here are other ways to answer this question:

The $10 Million Dollar Question

  • What would you do if you had $10Million USD in the bank?
  • In what way would life change?
  • What would you do differently?
  • What material possessions would buy or rent during that year with your money?
  • What three goals would be able to accomplish with that money?


The Death Test

  • What are the three things would you regret not doing if you knew you were going to die in 6 months?
  • What one thing would you want to define you when you die?
  • What one thing would define your personal growth when you die?

Answering these questions will give you clarity to what you must achieve and focus on your bigger picture.

Designing Your Life

Now that you have decided what you want to do, plan around how you are going to go about achieving it.

How many hours a week do you want to work by the end of the year?

How much money would you like to be earning by the end of the year?

Design your time/business around your goals.

If you can afford or need more employees or would you rather have virtual assistants?

How many projects would you be working on?

Would you need an office or would home office suffice?

What is the first thing you will do with your profits?

These goals will lead to constant accomplishments, and drive you and boost your desires, to keep encouraging you to reach your ultimate destination, the fulfillment of your Definite Major Purpose.

To summarize a bit, here are a few questions that can help you define your DP and get the process started:

  • Why am I here?
  • What is the top purpose of my life?
  • What are the most important things I want to accomplish in my life?
  • What fulfils me above all other things?

Will’s Definite Purpose

  1. Freedom
  • Freedom to live however I want in the world using an internet business that makes money will help me get there) and give me the flexibility of my own time.


  • Financial Freedom, earning more than enough money to have complete financially independence
  • Owning Automated businesses that operate well in my absence


  1. My Gratification


  • Lifelong Learning


  • To Provide Freedom Learning to people who desire to be successful
  • Making people’s lives better.
  • Meeting amazing people around the world
  • Travelling the world
  • Live a Life of Powerful Health and Mental Well Being


  1. Live in Gratitude


  • Being Grateful for my abundance


  • Flourish in abundance
  • Pass on the Abundance mindset and lifestyle


Define Your Purpose and Live Your Best Life.

  • Will


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