Content Multiplier Formula – Getting 100k Followers and Getting Verified
Peng Joon: In this video, I’m going to be sharing with you how it’s possible for you to be able to get
and build a following of over 100,000 people on Facebook and then get verified at the
end of that process. Okay, so what is the purpose of this entire thing? As we all know,
it’s not about the likes or the follows because that’s just a vanity metric. It doesn’t really
do anything.
But ultimately, the purpose of that is to get verified, which is basically this little blue tick
over here that confirms your page, and there is many different reasons why you would
want this. One of the primary reasons is once you have a verified page, the odds of
getting your Facebook ad account shut down decreases tremendously.
Okay, so your ad account usually if you’re promoting it to an unverified page, they’re
really strict with it, but when it’s a verified page, they give your ad account a lot of
leeway, and on top of that, it is said you also get better reach, and amongs with other
perks as well.
Okay, so in this video, I’m going share with you exactly how you can get 100,000
followers really, really easily, inexpensively and how you can actually get verified once
you make that happen. Okay, so let’s begin.
[00:01:30] So if you followed my process, the nine- step process sharing with you. So you got the
booklet, and depending on whether you have read the booklet or invested in the core
training yet, you’ll know that basically, it comprise of nine steps where one of the steps
is basically posting a video on Facebook, right, which is step number three.
So once you make that happen, okay, once you post your video on Facebook, now,
chances are if you’re watching this video, it could be the case that you’re completely
new, and that’s why you invest in this on how to get your first 100,000 followers.
Now, most people, what most people do is they run ads to promote the page, which is
not what you want to do because if you run ads to promote your page, first of all, it
doesn’t really do anything, especially with Facebook’s latest algorithm. But on top of
that, it’s actually really expensive to do so. Unless you’re running ads to people that live
in third-world countries, that again doesn’t do anything. That will not serve you either,
Now, what you want to do that you will see an ROI, however, is when you actually boost
your videos. So let’s take, for example, now this video over here is a video that I
boosted. It’s actually an ad. It’s a video ad that while I was on Facebook live, but I
boosted the live video because it was really getting people to go to my funnel.
[00:03:00] But here’s what happens when you boost a video. Now, when you boost a video, I want
you to boost it for video views, okay? So usually, when you run ads, they ask you what is
your objective, so like for example, I’ve got this prepared over here. So like for example,
when you want to boost a video, they will ask you what results do you want, your
objective, okay?
Content Multiplier Formula – Getting 100k Followers and Getting Verified
[00:03:30] Whether it’s through Facebook ads manager, and sometimes, it’s basically for clicks, for
reach, for engagements, for conversions. So usually, if you’re running a direct response
ad, the standard is usually conversions. However, if your page is new, you don’t have
any likes or maybe two likes, your mom and your dad, then you want to begin, not by
running Facebook like ads but rather video views on your video, right?
[00:04:00] So you posted your video. Nobody’s seeing it because it’s a brand new page, so now,
you boost your video based on video views to get more people to watch your video, and
then, you choose through targeting. So where would your ideal client or audience be
located? So for example, it could be United States or people who like a certain interest,
So you could choose based on interest. Let’s say your audience is into public speaking,
Okay? So what I would do is I would select, let’s say … Let’s say your target market is in
United States. All I’m going to do is I am going to target people who lives in the United
States and perhaps likes public speaking. Perhaps they like, or perhaps they follow
people like Les Brown, Brian Tracy and all these public speaking guys, right, personal
development gurus.
It could be Tony Robbins. It could be Toastmasters, okay? So ultimately, you are now
serving your video. So let’s say a video is about how to be confident speaking in front of
crowds, right? So you know that the people who would be interested in that type of
content would be people that’s into public speaking, people who are part of
Toastmasters, people who follow all these different speakers, okay?
Now, once you start boosting this ad, that is when they’ll start seeing your content. So I
want you to understand that you are now able to leap the relationship by serving first,
by giving value first. Now for a longest time, people have always said the first thing you
want to do is you want to capture somebody’s name and email, right?
That worked five years ago, not today. Today, if you run ads to a completely cold traffic,
where people don’t know who you are, first of all, it’s becoming more and more
expensive every single day. And I can guarantee you marketers who is doing that right
now, they are losing money, okay?
So unless you are backed by a VC company with $100 million, you can’t do that, right? If
you’re paying for your own credit card, you can’t do that. You’ve got to do things
differently. So now, you’re able to add value and begin the relationship with somebody
who doesn’t know who you are with the value first, okay? So now, you’re boosting it for
video views.
Now what happens? So once you boost it for video views, something like that happens,
right? You get the organic standard, organic reach, and then you get the paid reach,
okay, like this video over here. Now, what’s going to happen is naturally, some people
will like it. Some people will share it, and when they like it, and when you click on this to
see who liked it, here’s the difference.
Now, because my page right now is 2 million views, I don’t have that option, but if your
Content Multiplier Formula – Getting 100k Followers and Getting Verified
pages has less than 100,000 followers, you actually will have the option to invite them
to actually like your page as well. So understand that just because they liked your post,
it doesn’t mean that they’re following you on your page right now because you are just
boosting it for video views.
These people, they don’t know who you are. It could be the case that they watched the
video. They liked it. Maybe they commented on it, and that’s it. They’re still not
following you. But now, because they have liked it and because you click on the tab, this
option over here, you can see who liked it, you can actually now manually … Well,
you’ve got a few options.
You can either manually invite them to follow you on your page as well, one by one,
okay? Or you can, well, get somebody who lives in some Third World country, works in a
click sweat shop to do it for you, or you could actually get a Google Chrome extension,
and you can Google it, Facebook Chrome extension, invite all. Yeah, that’s the one,
[00:08:30] So if you do this, you will be able to … See, there’s a lot of these different plug-ins. Invite
post likers to like page on Facebook, okay? So all these would be your different options
so that you don’t have to manually go through the list and click on the ad one by one. So
you could be thinking, “Wait a second, Peng Joon, this sounds too good to be true. This
sounds like can I get banned?”
[00:09:00] So first of all, because it’s a Chrome extension, the click actually happens manually, so
it’s as though somebody is manually clicking on it, and they also throttle it so that you
don’t invite 1,000 people to like your page instantly. It takes time and it makes it really,
really stick, or if you’re really paranoid, you could just invite them manually one by one,
okay, your choice.
But that is how, so now you’re building your audience, but much more than that, is
you’re doing things differently from other marketers. This is basically how I built my
following to over … to, well, a huge reach and following today. But when I first started
out, that’s basically what I did, and I’ve got dozens of students who are now over
100,000 followers. And now, they’re verified on Facebook. We’ll, I’ll talk about
verification in a second.
But that’s how you build up your first 100,000 followers. Now, one thing I want to
mention is when you’re looking through all these different videos, you don’t want to be
just boosting your random videos. You want to start off by posting like 10 videos to
start, and maybe boost each video for like five bucks each.
Now, what’s going to happen is the $5 that you spend on each of these video, the
results will not be equal, okay? Some videos will have better engagements, and those
engagements, meaning likes, comments or shares, right? My internet here is a little bit
slow, but basically once that happens, okay, you want to boost the ones that got good
engagement because that’s feedback from your audience. That’s feedback to you, telling
you how good your content is.
Content Multiplier Formula – Getting 100k Followers and Getting Verified
So don’t waste your money by spending a lot of money boosting videos that wasn’t
good content. In fact, most of my videos, I would say like 80% of them flop. But the ones
that do well, they do well, right? So once you’ve built that initial following of 100,000
people following this strategy …
Now, you’ve got to understand something. Facebook right now is a pay-to-play game. So
you’re going to see less and less of those pages of people relying on funny cat, dog
videos, but rather, people who are able to monetize from their Facebook page, okay?
So once you do this consistently, boosting your videos that did well, okay, and inviting
those people who liked your video to like your page as well, using the plug-in, your next
step, once you reach 100,000, here’s the magic, okay, to get verified. The next thing
you’re going to do is you’re going to create a book. Now, I know it sounds scary, but it’s
really a whole lot easier than you think.
So this website’s called CreateSpace. Just Google it. It is basically Amazon’s publishing
arm. It is a print-on-demand service for books. Now, what is amazing is this has
completely changed the landscape of the book publishing business. Ten years ago, it
used to be the case that to publish a book, you needed to land a deal, get a publisher,
pre-order like 10,000 books, where your house ends up being a warehouse.
CreateSpace is different. What you can do is you can upload a Microsoft doc version
over at CreateSpace, get them to format the document, put up an image for it and done.
Your book is up on Amazon, and it’s ready for print on demand. Now, I don’t want to
turn this into a book publishing workshop because it’s not, but getting it up on Amazon
is super simple.
Again, just use CreateSpace. They walk you through, step by step, and once your book is
up on Amazon, what’s going to happen is you are going to make it a number one in
Amazon in a category for a day, which is actually super simple. You get your friends
together and buy it together, or it’s mailed to your list, and all you need to do is to list
your book in a category that’s non-competitive.
So it could be like four levels deep, okay? It’s like, I don’t know, entrepreneurship, small
business and then knitting or something like that, right? So it’s like just four categories
deep. And then, once you have that listed, it doesn’t take a lot of sales, people know
this, know that. It can be easily, well, for lack of a better word, manipulated as Amazon
number one.
Amazon number one today means absolutely nothing, but here’s the thing. The people
at Facebook that’s verifying it, they don’t know. They’re not marketers, so once you get
your book published and you get it onto an Amazon number one, take screen shot of it.
That’s a number one in a category, and guess what?
Just Google it, Facebook, getting verified on Facebook submission. There is a form. Just
fill up the form, fied on Facebook. There is a form for it, okay, and they keep changing
the form, but basically there’s one on probably, on Facebook, okay? And then, there’s a
ton of all these different steps anyway, but basically you look for the official help link
Content Multiplier Formula – Getting 100k Followers and Getting Verified
from Facebook.
And when you submit your details, what you want to do is make sure to submit the
screenshot of your book being number one, and guess what? That’s when you get
verified because the person that is verifying it will see, “Hey, this person’s a best-selling
author and number one in Amazon,” which really doesn’t mean anything, but that’s how
you get verified, and that’s how I got dozens of my students verified on Facebook, and
that’s how you can do it as well.
And once that happens, expect to see bigger reach. Expect to see your Face ad account,
and the odds of your Facebook ad account significantly, your odds of getting banned
significant decreased, okay? So that’s just one of the many, many perks of getting
Facebook verified along with better positioning and branding in the marketplace.
Okay, so all you need to do right now is start posting your videos, run them with video
ad views, invite the people that liked your videos to like your page, and then once you
have 100,000, go ahead, create your book. You can do it simultaneously. It’s not hard.
In fact, you could even get one of your training videos transcribed, and in fact, let me
just give you an extra resource here. This is Reedsy. This is a website that actually I used
to proofread and edit my previous book called Platform Closing, where all I did really
was I got somebody to transcribe my 90-minute training video, and then, I worked with
a proofreader and editor from to make it into a proper book.
So understand if your concerns are, “Oh, Peng Joon, I don’t know how to write a book,”
you don’t need to write a book. You can speak your book, which is what I did. I send
them a video training, and the get somebody from, okay, and this is the site
that I use to transcribe a ton of stuff, $1 a minute. So pretty much, if you send them a
90-minute training video, it’s 90 bucks, and then from the transcription, you can get
somebody from Reedsy to make it into a really good and a well-written book.
Okay, so these are where you can get the different ghostwriters and editors to get the
work done for you. Okay, so you might want to do this concurrently while you start with
posting and creating your videos so that the moment you get 100,000 views, or rather
followers, you can submit it into CreateSpace. All right, so time to get started. My work
here is done. Yours has just begun.

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