Ben Greenfield Admits To Using Performance Enhancing Drugs.


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Ben Greenfield triathlon

Ben Greenfield pumping his fist as he wins another Half-Ironman.

At the recent ITU Long Course World Championships, I took an amateur division gold medal for Team USA.

Within just 2 days, I was accused by multiple Facebook messages and e-mails of using “performance enhancing drugs”. That’s really not the first time this has happened (perhaps it’s because I used to be an all-natural bodybuilder?).

And then, earlier this morning as I was tooling around the kitchen, I listened to the most recent Everyman Endurance podcast interview with “Doper Next Door” author Andrew Tillin.

In that interview, Andrew talks about the effects of his massive testosterone dosing, including:

-beating other triathletes and cyclists who used to beat him…

-waking up the day after hard workouts and races, and being immediately ready to go hard again…

-being extremely horny and constantly full of sexual drive…

-having a high amount of aggressive, competitive drive…

-being able to easily put on muscle…

-training very little, but getting a ton of results from minimal training…

and pretty much everything that I personally feel on a daily basis.

As I stood there listening, I had the stark realization that it probably is evident that I must be taking performance enhancing drugs.

So I’m going to come right out and say it:

I admit to using performance enhancing drugs. 


I said it.

In just a second, I’m going to tell you exactly what I’ve been taking, and at what doses.

But before I do, let me be clear about one thing. Although in the past year, I have tripled my testosterone levels (since finding out they were low in this podcast interview with Dr. Cohen)…

…I have never taken testosterone pills, patches, injections or creams – or ever gone near the stuff…

…I’ve also never blood doped, taken human growth hormone, used clenbuterol, or ever tried or gone near any of that stuff, or anything else that is an illegal performance enhancing drug…

So that being said, at the risk of giving all my competitors a stark advantage once they read this post, I’m going to now give away my exact performance enhancing drug use profile:

-Triglyceride based fish oil caps (like SuperEssentials) at 4-6 capsules per day, to increase levels of anti-inflammatory fatty acids. I like to also add in 1 tablespoon per day cod liver oil for extra Vitamin D & A. 

-4000-6000IU Vitamin D per day (stacked with this with fish oil), as a steroid and hormone precursor.

-4 Recoverease after easy workouts, and 6-8 after very difficult workouts (or races), for accelerating muscle repair. Capraflex is also a good alternative for this.

-250mg Natural Calm magnesium 30-60 minutes before bed, for enhancing sleep quality and testosterone.

-8-10 sprays Topical Magnesium sprayed on any area of body that is sore or stiff post-workout, and also sprayed on quads, calves and shoulders pre-race.

-5 Master Amino Pattern (MAP) before easy workouts and 10 before very difficult workouts (or races), to limit lean muscle damage.

-Adaptogenic herb for balancing testosterone:cortisol ratios and also for stress management (I personally do TianChi, taken on an empty stomach mid morning or mid afternoon).

-3-6 Caprobiotics and CapraColostrum per day for digestive health and immune system support (proper hormone production is intimately tied to gut health).

MillenniumSports Somnidren GH or Hammer REM caps for better sleep – either of these 30-60 minutes before bed (you make many of your hormones while you sleep).

-2-4 ProstElan per day for decreasing testosterone conversion to estrogens and enhancing sexual performance.

-I didn’t use this, but if you need to “jump start” the process with an herbal derivative, I recommend “Renew Male“.

In addition to the protocol above, I also sleep 8 hours a night, eat a diet that is very high in fat and low in processed or refined carbohydrate, and avoid excessive aerobic exercise.

There, I feel much better now after admitting my performance enhancing drug use.

What about you? Are you performing physically, mentally and sexually below your potential?

Not me. I’ve personally chosen better living through smart science.

I will now sit patiently and wait for the WTC, ITU, and any other governing triathlon body to disqualify me from races and strip me of my shiny medals.

And those of you who have been accusing me of drug use can now stop. I plead guilty.

If you have questions, comments or feedback, leave them below.