Congratulations on completing your High Performance IndicatorTM assessment!

Watch the video to see how to interpret your 6 scores below. You’ll also see how you compare to the general public and top 15% of high performers worldwide.

Below are your scores and recommendations for improving your life in the most targeted and proven way possible.



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Your overall high performance score, out of 5 total points, is 3.81.

Why does this score matter?

Because the professional assessment you just took is PROVEN to strongly correlate with long-term success in your career, health, happiness, and relationships.

Our research shows that the top 15% of high performers worldwide score an average of 4.76. That’s incredible, right? How do they score that high?

Why is it that you can put them in almost any situation and they succeed?

It’s not that they are born lucky.

Successful people simply developed the right kind of “deliberate habits” that moved them forward faster than others.

Reaching high performance, then, is not about being a particular type of personality but rather routinely exhibiting a specific set of practices.

So how did you score?

Are you happy with your score, and life? What should you work on?

Let’s look at your 6 High Performance Habit scores now:

Your CLARITY score is 4.5 out of 5. What could you do to improve this score? What would happen if you had just a little more clarity about what you wanted, how to get there, and what would make you feel the most alive and fulfilled at this stage of your life? High levels of clarity make us feel confident and excited for our day. Low levels hurt motivation.

Your ENERGY score is 3.17 out of 5. Does this reflect the mental, emotional and physical level of vibrancy you need in your life? What would improve in your life if you had more energy? High levels of energy make life feel incredible and make us more resilient, happy, engaged, and likely to workout and make healthy choices.

Your NECESSITY score is 3.67 out of 5. This measures the level of emotional commitment you feel to showing up each day as your best. It’s your level of “must” in improving your life and serving others with excellence. Could you find new ways to be more driven? Low levels of necessity make it hard to turn off Netflix and get stuff done.

Your PRODUCTIVITY score is 3.5 out of 5. We’ve noticed that if you’re below a 4.6 on this one, it’s REALLY hard to achieve your dreams. What new things could you try to master your mental focus, project planning, and the daily practices of productivity? Who needs you to start crushing it every week?

Your INFLUENCE score is 3.83. This area of your life is EVERYTHING. When you don’t learn the advanced strategies for getting people to believe in you, support you, buy from you, or take the actions you suggest, then it’s hard to ever get ahead. How could you become more influential with those you serve and lead? High influence means you climb higher. It’s that simple.

Your COURAGE score is 4.17. Do the people around you truly know who you are, what you dream of, what you need? Are you living your truth, taking risks, putting yourself out there? The next level for all of us requires a greater willingness to venture into the unknown despite risks or judgment. High courage = high performance.


Research shows that these six habit categories – clarity, energy, productivity, influence, courage, and necessity – directly and strongly correlate with long-term success.

Establish strong habits in these areas and you create an extraordinary life.

If you would like assistance or continuing education for improving these scores, we have three great programs, based on how deep or advanced you’d like to go.

1. Get a complimentary copy of my book, High Performance Habits.
Each chapter has strategies and steps associated with the six habits you just scored yourself on.

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Whichever you choose, it would be my honor to help you reach your next level of success.

I’ve spent 20 years studying this area, and over the last 10 years I’ve been blessed to become the world’s leading high performance coach (at least according to Success Magazine).

I’ve trained hard-working entrepreneurs worldwide, Fortune 50 CEOS, Olympians, Oprah and her team, and over 2M people online from over 190 countries.

I hope my track record shows that I deeply care about my students…

… and I know what works in helping you advance FAST.

So I hope you’ll keep in touch, open my emails, and watch my videos. I’ll send you a few videos this week to watch.

Until next time, I’m sending you a full charge of joy and motivation.

I truly honor your commitment to personal and professional development.

Talk soon,

– Brendon

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About the Assessment
The High Performance IndicatorTM (often called the “HPI,” “HPI-II” or “HP-36”) is a 36-point scale used to measure the factors that matter most in predicting high performance (aka long-term success). The scale was developed by Brendon Burchard, High Performance Institute researchers and graduates from the Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program at the University of Pennsylvania. Based on research and proven performance improvement methods, the HPI is the world’s first validated assessment on high performance created and backed by a high performance coach with over a decade in the field. More information, including the full background and data of the study, can be found in High Performance Habits.
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